MAA 2020
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Castel Farm Group harvests over 3,000 tons of corn

At least 3.200 tons of maize will be harvested between March and July, at Fazenda Socamia, located in the municipality of Cangandala, in the Agro-industrial Campus of Capanda in northern Malanje province, with a view to the production of grits (raw material for brewing).

The Manager of farm of the Castel group, Sebastian Ducroquet said that currently has a production of 800 hectares of maize, 700 more compared to the year 2018, where 100 hectares have been cultivated in the experimental phase.

He was speaking on the sidelines of assessment visit of the provincial governor, Norberto dos Santos.

He also stated that it is still the intention of the farm to reach 58,000 tons of maize until the maturity of the project in 2021, having already been deforested 1,900 hectares of the 5,000 available for cultivation of said product, with a view to reducing the costs of import of grits.

On the other hand, Sebastian Ducroquet said that the possibility of installing a corn-to-grit processing plant in Malanje within two years, preceded by the assembly of the silos, a mini-hydro to supply electric power to the farm and neighboring communities, as well as the irrigation system and storage facility.