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Malawi government sets minimum prices for Tobacco

Malawi government has finally set minimum prices for tobacco ahead of the opening of the marketing season on April 25.

However, Tobacco Control Commission (TCC) chief executive officer Kaisi Sadala could not immediately reveal the prices, saying TCC officials are yet to meet buyers and other stakeholders on the issue.

He said the meeting is expected to take place on Thursday this week.

Tama chief executive officer Felix Thole, without disclosing the minimum prices, said tobacco farmers will be impressed.

“The minimum prices are very good, farmers will smile, the minimum prices would benefit our tobacco farmers,” he said.

He said it was impressive that the government came up with the minimum tobacco prices after consultations with all key tobacco players.

Tobacco is Malawi’s top foreign exchange earner and contributes 13 percent to the GDP.

Malawi has this year produced 205 million kilograms of tobacco against the market need of 101 million kilograms, triggering fears of low prices.