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Omnia targeting expansion in the fast-growing AgriBio sector

  • Addressing key factors to enhance food security
  • Building on seven decades of expertise in supporting sustainable Agriculture
  • Accelerating worldwide investments into climate smart and resource efficient AgriBio offerings

Omnia Holdings today convened with investors and analysts to unpack its Agriculture segment’s strengthening capabilities and demonstrate its prospects for accelerated growth, specifically within the AgriBio sector. Omnia Group CEO Seelan Gobalsamy chaired the session supported by key members of Omnia’s Agriculture leadership and R&D teams.

The agriculture sector is ripe with opportunities to address global food security and supply challenges, with the AgriBio segment being particularly relevant as an enabler of more sustainable farming, boosting outputs and elevating industry competitiveness.

“The focus on addressing climate change through regenerative and sustainable agriculture means AgriBio products are growing in demand globally – with double digit growth potential. It is an exciting time for us to harness our 30 years’ experience in the segment, complemented by our long-standing holistic Nutriology® model, to expand our products and solutions aimed at meeting this major societal need.” said Seelan Gobalsamy, Omnia CEO.

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Drawing on seven decades of expertise, Omnia has built a solid foundation from which to pursue growth with its efficient and environmentally friendly ammonia-based fertilizer and Nutriology® model for crop production, complementing its AgriBio focus by supporting farmers augment efficiencies, improve decision-making, and reduce persisting industry risks.

Omnia MD of Agriculture, Mandla Mpofu commented, “Time and again, holistic intervention has proven essential in delivering the best yield and this is the essence of Nutriology®. We are proud to have local proof of concept, with data to prove as much as a 50 percent improvement in water and nutrient use efficiency thanks to our integrated approach.”

The effects of climate change on agriculture were a key focal point of the session, noting reduced crop yields, prevalent declines in nutritional quality, and invasive crops and pests were among the worst outcomes.

James Freemantle, Managing Director for International Agriculture commented, “The rate at which the AgriBio industry is growing testifies to the effectiveness of these products. There is increasing consumer demand for fresh, high-quality foods throughout the year and farmers are constantly seeking methods and inputs that help reduce risks to production volumes, quality, and stability to support this demand. Importantly, the adoption of biostimulants eases the pressure on farmers to produce quality crops during out-of-season periods when stress conditions are higher.”

The Group’s intensified focus on AgriBio solutions and technology across the African continent and key international markets is a natural progression for a business committed to responsive and sustainable solutions. The business has a track-record of delivery in the biostimulants arena underpinned by unique access to the highest quality humate source and years of R&D to ensure the best in data-driven developments.

Omnia is a recognised international player with products already distributed to more than 40 countries globally. To support its ambitions, the Group recently opened sales offices in Europe and the US which are focused on securing distribution partnerships with leading global brands, aiming to replicate the business’ successful partnership with India-based Deepak. These operations are already driving expansion in its respective regions.

The AgriBio market is fragmented, made up of many small players with corporate action being at elevated levels to capitalise on the current growth opportunity. Similar businesses to Omnia’s have fetched handsome valuations, justifying Omnia’s focus on growing its exposure to this segment which is poised for growth. “We have unique and valuable assets in our portfolio that offer great opportunities for expansion with low capital required to unlock it, while aligning with our progressive shift towards more sustainable offerings,” concludes Gobalsamy.

The targeted expansion will not only position Omnia to be a world leader in the AgriBio space, but also places the Group closer to achieving its sustainable development goals. Omnia’s efforts are underpinned by robust R&D which is decentralised and includes collaborations with leading tertiary institutions and government departments across the world, as well as various other industry partners to ensure a science-based fundamental understanding of factors impacting the future of agriculture. Omnia’s offerings are rooted in its purpose to provide its customers with solutions that promote a progressive shift towards more sustainable operations and remain among its key differentiators.

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