Biofuels Market Soars: Global revenue hits US$140.43 billion in 2021, with a promising 4.8% CAGR forecasted for 2022-2032

    Worldwide revenue generated from biofuels sales amounted to US$ 140.43 billion. Projections indicate that the industry is poised for growth…

    Mombasa Plastics prize unveils second phase to tackle marine plastic waste

    The Mombasa Plastics Prize (MPP) is excited to¬†announce the start of the MPP Incubator, the second phase of MPP. Implemented…

    Nurturing agriculture amidst mining discoveries in Zambia

    Throughout history, poor environmental and resource stewardship has contributed to societal collapse. It is also common that societies fail to…


    An insight into environment in the African agriculture sector.